Log Grown Shiitake


Belden Farm Shiitake

Belden Farm is situated on over 50 acres of woodlot, the majority of which is a maple sugarbush.  Thinning maple trees is an important part of keeping the sugarbush healthy.  

Shiitake mushrooms can be grown in several ways, and most commercial Shiitakes are grown in warehouses on various media, in a less than natural environment.  Growing Shiitakes on logs appeals to us from a farm diversity perspective and because it makes use of logs we will cut regardless.

The process begins in March, when we cut 6 inch thick trees into 36 inch logs, called bolts.

We then drill holes in the logs, and innoculate them with Shiitake mushroom spawn, sealing the holes with wax.  

Then we wait a year for the Shiitake to colonize the logs.  Finally, the logs begin to produce mushrooms.